Lynsey The Nature of Coaching


In the spring last year, I enroled in a 8 week life coaching course with Gemma. I found myself a bit lost with everything going on in the world, the unknown made me feel very uneasy and I didn't know what to do with myself. So I decided to try something different in hope of gaining better focus and a more positive outlook on life. It was a bit daunting at first and having never done anything like this before, I had no idea what to expect but Gemma made me feel totally at ease. She often gave me little tasks to do before each session to prepare, which I found really helped, to figure out what I wanted to focus and improve on. Gemma has such a natural way of helping to open your eyes to your potential and guiding you to follow the dreams you've been too scared of chasing. During the sessions I often felt 'lightbulb moments', when she would help me to uncover obsticals to work on that were holding me back or passions to focus on that I had ignored or forgotten about. She gave me lots of tools and ideas I could incorporate into my daily life to keep me focused and on the right track, which she would summarise at the end of the session and send in an email for me to refer back to whenever I needed. I left each session feeling determined, uplifted and each time a little bit clearer on the life I wanted to build. I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone who wants to improve their life in any way big or small. She has been such a great help to me and I'm so glad I took the course - I've learned a lot and feel so much more calm, focused and positive! Thank you


Stephanie The Nature of Coaching

"My hopes for coaching were to learn more about some of what I would call my blockages or what was keeping me stuck on certain beliefs. My expectation was more than met as Gemma provided so much insight into why I may be stuck but also a structure to help me move forward. Each session allowed for weekly reflections and the most powerful part of coaching was setting action steps - which can sound overwhelming and like hard work but these were so manageable and for me enjoyable. The action steps to move further forward to my overall goals were the absolute nuggets in shifting me out of my wee blocked hole. Gemmas amazing insight and knowledge Combined with her allowing me to talk in sessions - there were so many powerful light bulb moments in sessions where I was like YES that’s it. That was a great feeling! I now have a Personal toolbox from coaching which is simple, manageable, rewarding and stuff I know works. I have new insights and habits which are with me every day and that shift in itself is so amazing when I reflect on when I started coaching. I have saved all my lovely weekly reflective emails from Gemma in a folder and will use these to check in every so often to make sure I’m still on track. I’m so much more conscious of my blockages but now look at them from a new much more helpful, loving and supportive way. Gemma’s is so personable, she has the loveliest smile and has this lovely authenticity about her. This was massively important to me as coaching, opening up to a stranger can be an anxious experience. I also loved how insightful and knowledgeable Gemma was in her practice."

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