Self. Others. Nature.

Ready to live a connected,

focussed & ignited life?


The Seed

This course is for you if you want to prioritise your well-being, try new strategies, learn more about yourself, understand more about how we communicate with others & what you can do to feel more connected.

The Sprout

6 sessions with Gemma over 3 months. Once you've planted your seeds, something is working and you're establishing your roots, it's time to break through barriers, sprout and transform your life. This course is for individuals who are ready for a deeper level of personal development and who want accountability and support to get to where they want to be.

The Plant

12 sessions with Gemma over 6 months. Looking at your own self-development, this coaching course is for you if you consider yourself to be an established plant. You remember what it was like at the beginning of your self-development, planting those seeds of change. You sprouted, made advances in your personal growth & now you seek an even deeper level of accountability & support to reach your next life goal.


  • Breakthrough

    Gain life-changing perspectives and insights

  • Believe

    Believe in your worth unconditionally

  • Take Action

    Step into your own power unapologetically

  • Communicate

    Create space for your authentic voice to be heard.

  • Find Meaning

    Discover and maintain your fulfilling way of life

  • Magnetise

    Create meaningful, authentic relationships

  • Feel Empowered

    Live life at your own pace regardless of external influences

  • Connect

    Connect to your authentic purpose within

  • Be The Change

    Live consciously and sustainably - both mentally and physically - for yourself, others and nature.




Exploring and reshaping our thinking is the foundation of any transformation. You can choose to overhaul your habits, inner dialogue, outlook, beliefs and so much more. It starts with you. Let's reconnect, refocus and reignite your mindset so you can bring your dream life into reality with confidence.



With awareness, we can reshape how we communicate within our personal and professional relationships. Using Transactional Analysis (TA) Models we can understand our relationship patterns. Let's reconnect, refocus and reignite your communication so you can rewrite the future of your relationships.



Slowing down with the elements of nature is one of the most efficient ways to recharge and regain perspective. Disconnect from the modern and reconnect to the natural. Nurture our most powerful, creative source & await opportunities. Let's take time to reconnect, refocus and reignite your connections so you can create a balanced lifestyle on your terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Seed course for?

People who are either new to self-development or who want a well-being boost and are ready to plant the seeds of change. This course is for you if you want to try new strategies, understand more about what makes you, you and prioritise your wellbeing habits. There is also a corporate version, ideal for employers who want to offer their employees a resource to enhance their workplace wellbeing & communication.

Who is The Sprout course for?

People who are on their self-development path, have noticed a shift in where they once were to where they are now and want to keep sprouting, nurturing their growth mindset and seeing where they can go. Your potential is limitless and part of you already knows this yet other parts of you are keeping you small. This course is for you if you want to do the inner work to let those limiting parts go and flourish.

Who is The Plant course for?

People who regularly invest in their self-development, have made considerable advances in their personal growth mindset and are ready to create their dream life in their real life. If you are someone who has a burning desire to reach the lifestyle you long for and recognise that investing in support and accountability will get you well on your way, this course is for you.

What is Transactional Analysis?

My coaching courses are based on this philosophy of connection to the self, others & nature as well as the psychoanalytic approach, Transactional Analysis (TA). This approach was developed by Dr Eric Berne in the 1960s and is ultimately a theory of personality and social interpersonal relations. Using TA in my coaching practice can help visually explain the way we communicate and why. With this awareness, we can show up and communicate authentically in relationships, the workplace, in business and in our own inner dialogue!

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