Here is a bit about me…

A few years ago I was disconnected from my interests, who I was and took very little initiative in the direction of my life. I was on autopilot, living to escape and unhappy with every area of my life.

I would tell myself: “If I get this job or salary I’ll be happy”; “If I have a family of my own I’ll be happy”; “If I go on holiday I’ll be happy”; “If I….. (the list was endless).

My measurement in life was determined by what was expected of me or what I SHOULD be doing according to society, rather than connecting with what I actually WANTED.

I was constantly battling with anxiety.

I threw myself into self-development and therapy following a rather excruciating period of burnout that lasted 6 months.

I connected to MYSELF (therapy, coaching, health, reading, writing), OTHERS (local groups, like-minded people, talked authentically) and NATURE (meditation, breathwork, aligning with the natural cycles, walking barefoot, mindfulness, being with the elements). These are some of the habits I’ve formed and have come to realise that they bring me closer to my true sense of self in a noisey world that tells us who to be, what to think and how to live. 

My dedication to applying this idea of reconnecting in all areas of my life lead to some monumental changes. Within a 6 month period my relationship status, career, country of residence and most crucially, my outlook on life CHANGED (for the better I may add).

Anxiety is now embraced not battled. It’s a messenger sent to point out when I am out of alignment with who I really am. 

Now, I can finally say for the first time in life, I know who I am, what I want in life while living and breathing my values. 

While travelling, I have finally taken the leap into social entrepreneurship, coaching other people on how they can create and maintain a thriving mindset, even amongst the chaos of this modern world. My work now rewards me with freedom, creativity, travel and so much more! How did this happen for me? I got a coach and I jumped headfirst into believing I can design my life the way I want it regardless.

My intention as a coach is to help you naturally live in line with your values, make the changes you know you need to make & turn those dreams you have into your reality.



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